Support to save the life of a child (2 Nos)

This is not related to flood
Support sought by a manual laborer from Ernakulam District.His first child is 5yrs old. His second child,a new born is in ventilator due to complications. .He has already spent about one lakh till now and still need more for the treatment. Ventilator charge per day is Rs.7500 and he is unable to afford it. doctor is of the opinion that child need to be in ventilator for some more days Family is seeking support to meet atleast part of the medical/hospitalization expenses. There is no source of income for the family now as the sick child`s father is unable to go for work. He has his aged parents at home to take care also.

Delivery Location:
District Hospital, Ernakulam
CK Volunteer:
Farha - 7025809877

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Received Quantity : 8

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