Dress Materials for a traditional Koodiyattam crew. (Rs 1,00,000/-) (1 Nos)

In the context of upholding the tradition of Sanskrit plays, Kerala has had an unbroken theatre culture. Kudiyattam, which literally translates to `combined acting`, is one among the earliest theatrical arts staged in Kerala. Declared as one of the `Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity` by UNESCO in 2001, Kudiyattam is noticed for its highly complicated, drawn out acting methods that treat single acts from Sanskrit plays as full fledged plays. Margi Madhu Chakyar is a Koodiyattam artist at Nepathya, from Aluva. The crew`s performance space is heavily affected by the recent flood and the costumes are damaged beyond repair. He is seeking support to remake the traditional costumes, repair the musical instruments and the re-establish the Koothambalam of Nepathya.

Delivery Location:
Moozhikkulam Kurumassery, Aluva
CK Volunteer:
Hari Prasad - 9744471718

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